Our History



The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc.® (NAREB®) is the oldest and largest African-American trade organization.  A national coalition of minority real estate professionals came together for the expressed purpose of mutual sharing of knowledge and experiences to improve performance in the profession.
Members of NAREB® are referred to as Realtists®.  Although comprised principally of African-American and other minority real estate professionals, the Realtist® organization notwithstanding is an integrated entity open to all qualified practitioners of all races who are interested in achieving the ideals of Realtist® theme "Democracy in Housing".  NAREB® has been successful in supporting their theme proponents of the following legislative achievements:

  • 1964 - Creation of the Federal Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
  • 1965 - Voting Rights Act
  • 1977 - Community Reinvestment Act
  • 1992 - Creation of affordable housing goals and policies for FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC
  • Today - Meetings continue on a regular basis with national, state, and local officials as well as corporations to establish and maintain affordable housing initiatives

Akron Realtist® Association (ARA) is a local chapter of The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc.® (NAREB®).  The Akron Realtist® Association embraces all of these facets that are part of the Realtist® program throughout the nation.

Realtist® have made substantial contributions to the cause of Democracy by working to provide housing for all without limitations or restrictions.

Realtist® are true to the dual mission of serving the under-served and developing creative methods of rendering such services.
Realtist® have become the voice and conscience of the proponents of equal housing opportunities for all citizens.  This involves working on civic programs and in the political arena as well as in the business world.

ARA is the only local professional organization in the field of real estate that is qualified and capable of addressing, articulating, and resolving the many problems encountered by minority home seekers in their quest for adequate and affordable housing.

ARA fulfills a vital role in helping to meet the needs of adequate housing.  ARA is committed to securing equal opportunity for all, as well as providing encouragement to those whose housing needs have yet to be realized.

ARA continues to be a beacon of strength and knowledge building relationships and bridging the gap between new and seasoned real estate professionals.

ARA will continue to pave the way for all home seekers to be adequately housed and to make our city an even better place in which to live.