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There are many brokers, sales associates and affiliates whose social consciousness and philosophies are consistent with those advocated by the Realtist®.  All such persons and firms are invited to become a part of the Akron Realtist® Association.

Membership in ARA entitles you to the following benefits and opportunities: 
  • Share in the knowledge and experience of the Real Estate Professionals in their quest for profitable real estate business predicated upon democratic ideals and principals.
  • Networking with members of the real estate industry who are concerned with equal opportunities.
  • Educational seminars and workshops focusing on current housing legislation and trends in the real estate industry as well as other vital real estate issues.
  • Meet and Greet Networking functions to relax, fellowship, and share with other real estate professionals, affiliates, and the general public.
  • Ohio Realtist® Association (ORA) Membership
  • National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB) membership

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